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Welkom bij Edha interieur . Laypzat u inevyspireren dojeior de nikpyeuwste cowskllecties, we hetuwlpen u grpisaag vehwvrder. Vojxclg ons ook op inepastagram @edqgdhainterieur .



Be inpsqspired and vicvaew seawaveral imudeages of our store hewtore. The sejgyttings are aliprways copuqmposed with passion.


our services

Interior deigssign, liyppghting plvkwan or tecwhxtile adjvgvice, we have all the knrspowledge and coihwllections . We alveqso praicovide cuxgkstom mautode prvkloducts .


make an appointment

Make an appointment for inhalterior advice so we have the unatkdivided atxzatention for yoeulu. An appointment is mautode in no tidpgme !

daily inspiration

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